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The Mabinogion sentinels

The Mabinogion sentinels at St Giles Infants School, Wrexham St Giles Infants School, Wrexham

This project was funded by the Foundation for Sport & the Arts. The school
wanted a piece of work that involved the children in its design and making
and also had subsequent educational and play value. It was a major piece of
work involving the whole of the school, teachers and the community. I also
involved students from NEWI BA Ceramics.

Starting points were the stories from the Mabinogion and the 4 seasons. The
children produced wonderful designs which formed the research for the work.
The ceramics were made collaborativey with the children, and fired at Bryn
Offa Comprehensive School.

"Teena had the the experience and expertise we needed and her enthusiasm was
boundless....we have a resource which can be used to inspire children in the
future to discuss, evaluate, replicate, draw, rub, write about etc."
Anne Edmunds, Headteacher.

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