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Teena Gould - studio ceramics

studio ceramics

One of Teena Gould's striking ceramic vessels
"We saw the whole of the universe mirrored within the form"
Tetsuyuki Hirano, for selection committee. International Grande Prix Winner. International Crafts Festival. Toyama. Japan

My vessels or sculptures stem from my fascination with natural form, in both content and source. Like waves making patterns on the sand, each piece is unknown and largely unplanned. I work with a strong idea of the quality of the piece in hand, attempting to make the work as vivid and powerful as the creative process. Unseen and powerful energy forces have shaped our landscape over time; as I work with the immediacy of clay and its subsequent process I intuitively try to tap into that process.

It is the sense of the quality or spirit which can transcend the actual piece that I am looking for. I am a long-term practitioner of T¹ai Chi Chuan, and its underlying philosophy increasingly informs my work.

Structure, texture and surface pattern within the clay are derived from a variety of methods and processes. I fuse together different colours and textures of clay; into these I inlay porcelains and coloured clays. This is then painted with coloured slips and later oxides and body stains. This gives me the language of texture to create the form.

Technical and aesthetic skill and judgement are essential, providing a framework within which to base my working process. My materials are from nature, and the ceramic process is one of transformation of clay by fire. I fire mostly with gas to 1250*C, and the aim is to show the action of the flame (particularly a reducing flame) and combustion on raw materials. I use glazes made from locally gathered and prepared wood ash.

My studio is a stone and glass building, converted from an ancient cowshed and dairy. It nestles comfortabley in the foothills of the Preselli mountains, several acres of organic fields, woods and garden. It provides a haven and resource for my personal work.

My work has been shown widely in Britain, and in 1992 awarded the International Grande Prix in Japan. In November 1994 I visited Australia, and back to Japan in March 1995, where I worked at Onta Pottery. In August 96 I was invited to IRIS5 Ceramics Seminar, Finland to represent Wales. Recent solo shows include Denbigh Museum & Library. This summer I will be exhbiting at Workshop Wales in Go West.

I am a part time lecturer in Ceramics on the BA Ceramics Course at Swansea Institute. The recently formed Women in Art & Craft Network have elected me as Chairperson.

I also work within a public and community art context, on sculptures and ceramic murals, directing residencies, commissions and school projects

abergwynffe pot - click here for a larger image and more details
creeping rock click here for a larger image and more details
merlin's puddle - studio ceramics by teena gould
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