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Teena Gould - public art in Wales and beyond

Sustrans Cycle Route project

During 2000 I was appointed as the artist in residence for the Sustrans National Cycle Route. I was responsible for designing, making and installing wall based artworks along a 7 mile stretch on spectacular coastline from Rhyl to Prestatyn.

This was a major millennium project attracting funding from the Millennium Commission, Welsh Tourist Board, Rhyl and Prestatyn Town Council, Rhyl West Community Strategy, Llandrillo College and the European Small Grants Fund. It was managed jointly by Cywaith Cymru/Artworks Wales, Denbighshire County Council and Llandrillo College.

Schools, colleges, local arts groups, community groups, youth groups were involved throughout the project. Collaboratively we produced a broad range of wall based ceramics and mosaics spanning the length of the route. Although Sustrans now has the largest collection of public artworks in Europe, this project is one of the few to involve the community so extensively.

As well as the larger pieces shown here, there are 20 smaller sections of mosaics. These form a signiture of wavy lines to encourage and inspire the cyclist or walkers at intervals along the route. There is good wheelchair access throughout.

Such was the support and interest in the work that additional projects were commissioned for the RSPCA clinic in West Rhyl. An area of high vandalism, the work has remained untouched.


Barkby Beach

Barlkby Beach - public art by Teena Gould

7 ft across the end of the coastal cycle route. designed and made by pupils from Prestatyn High Sch, and adults from rhyl and Prestatyn.

Barkby Beach is a wildlife conservation area where there is s colony of little terns - conservation and respect for the earth fed the esign.

The 'pebbles' are ceramic and incorporate natural clay gathered from the beach.


Nova Centre, Prestatyn

Artworks Nova Centre, Prestatyn
Artworks Nova Centre, Prestatyn

Sustrans Cycle Route. Artworks Nova Centre, Prestatyn

Approx 20ft high. opened for the Long Ride, midsummer 2000.

Ceramic and glass mosaic


Childrens Village Rhyl.

children's village Rhyl - Public art by Teena Gouldchildren's village Rhyl - Public art by Teena Gould

6 panels designed and made by 6 form pupils from Rhyl High school as part of their A level exam.
Each panel is 12 ft long and 9 ft high.
The starting points are the beauty of the sea, beach and distance views - the mirror reflects the sky and hopefully makes the wall invisible!

Everyone loves it, and some were moved to tears during the opening in Nov 2000.









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